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HP announces Sprout and updated hardware for education


Can classrooms afford the HP Sprout Pro when it has a price tag of $2199? HP Inc. sure hopes so.

The personal computing company bearing the Hewlett Packard name has announced a series of updated education-oriented products, which also include notebooks and software to go along with what would likely be a classroom centrepiece.

HP Sprout Pro

The Sprout Pro is an all-in-one that features a mounted Intel RealSense camera that is able to capture 3D renderings of objects for digital manipulation or printing, capabilities HP says it hopes teachers will use as a learning tool.

In this iteration, it comes with Windows 10 Professional, Intel Core i7 processor with DDR4 memory, customizable software, and a three-year warranty.

As for notebooks, HP announced the ProBook 11 G2 Education Edition and the x360 310 G2 Convertible PC Education Edition,  both of which feature a rugged design and educational tools.


HP x360 310 G2 Convertible PC_media mode

The HP Pro 310 x360 Convertible PC Education Edition

The 11.6″ Convertible comes with Windows 8.11 and either an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor and up to 256 GB SSD drive options. Meanwhile the ProBook, which has the same screen size comes with Windows 10 Pro, HP School Pack tools, up to an i3 processor and up to 500GB of SATA storage.


Sprout Pro and the Probook 11 G2 are slated for release in February with the latter priced at $359. The Convertible will be available in March starting at $449.