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HP adds analytics to Device-as-a-Service offering

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HP Inc. has launched updates to its Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering that will give better fleet management capabilities and more flexibility when it comes to terms and payment options, as well as devices.

In particular, HP DaaS now comes with fleet analytics to “uncover potential device health and security risks so they can be addressed proactively before they impact end-user performance,” the company says. HP service agents will use a proprietary analytics platform to provide unified device management to minimize day-to-day burdens of fleet management for customers as well, it adds.

HP is also offering simpler plans and term options to help customers optimize their often changing workloads. There will be a new flexibility feature that allows them to “flex their plans” either up or down five to 15 per cent from what they have, as well as the ability to manage multiple devices in one single contract as a one-price-per-device monthly payment.

Lastly, HP is making all of its devices available for this service, including PC desktops, notebooks, 2-in-1 tablets, workstations, and point of sales systems, as well as devices running different operating systems.

 “HP DaaS is the only solution for customers and partners that manage multi-OS and multi-device environments, offers the deepest insights with our proprietary analytics platform and proactive fleet management capabilities, and provides the right lifecycle services tailored to individual needs,” Bill Avey, vice president and general manager of personal systems services at HP Inc., explains. “HP DaaS is able to free up valuable IT time by managing the lifecycle of devices in a way that’s never been done before.”

HP says these enhancements come as mixed-device and mixed-operating systems become the norm in today’s world, but have been increasingly difficult to manage for companies. In fact, more than 60 per cent of IT teams surveyed by IDC say device management drains their resources. DaaS solutions can help reduce spending of valuable IT resources on lifecycle support and device management, HP continues, and they are now being considered or implemented by approximately 40 per cent of businesses.

“HP DaaS helps us provide clients with the value of the simplified support, predictive analytics, and proactive device and security management features they require,” says Bob Kane, senior vice president of product marketing at Insight, a channel partner of HP. “Teaming with HP to deliver complete solutions with a simplified purchasing model for customers gives our mutual clients ways to run smarter.”