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HP’s new cloud computing service solution

Plus, Asus' new Eee PC netbook and the importance of having people skills

April 2, 2009
HP pitches Cloud Assure at corporate world
The Register
Kelly Fiveash writes about HP’s new Cloud Assure cloud computing service, which is designed with large businesses in mind.

“The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering consists of three separate components. HP Application Security Centre scans networks for potential vulnerabilities in the cloud. HP said Cloud Assure would form part of its SaaS reseller program. However, the company did not reveal a customer price list for the new service.”

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Asus to Cram Optical Drive into a Netbook
Charlie Sorrel writes that Asus will be releasing an Eee PC netbook with an optical drive later on this month.

“The E1004DN will have the usual Atom N280 CPU, a 120GB hard drive and the HD-capable GN40 graphics chipset. Presumably it will also have the usual complement of SD card reader, triple-USB ports and six-cell battery.”

What is more important: technical skills or peoples skills? pepole skills!
Network World
Avner Izhar writes about the importance of having people skills in the workplace.

“We work in a very intensive industry, getting tens and hundreds e-mails per day, how many of those could you eliminate in a single phone call? My experience has been that you can teach technology or get people to learn it (in most cases), but you can’t teach people skills. Someone either has it or not.”

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