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Apple TV on YouTube and finally Dell releases Ubuntu

May 31, 2007
Apple TV does YouTube
Bit Player
Jon Healey writes about Hollywood’s love hate relationship with technology.

“Just in case you haven’t gotten enough Apple news today, Steve Jobs used the All Things D: conference this afternoon to announce a new feature for the AppleTV: starting in mid-June, it will be able to stream videos from YouTube.”

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Dell and Ubuntu
Daily Tech
Michael Hoffman says finally Dell ships Ubuntu.

While those aren’t really a lot of steps, it is likely too much of a hassle for casual Linux users. The new partnership will allow future Linux users to simply avoid the entire mess that people like myself had to go through.

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Human powered search
Tech Crunch
Jason Calacanis, formerly of Weblogs, Inc. and more recently an Entrepreneur in Action at Sequoia Capital, will launch his newest startup, Mahalo.

“Mahalo is a search engine, and will join Powerset as the more interesting new engines to launch in 2007. The service has features that are similar to the new Netscape news finder product that Calacanis launched last year at AOL: expert guides will determine the most relevant results. The main search results are provided by guides (Mahalo employees), who find relevant results for search terms. User submitted results are also included.”

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