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IBM unveils security analytics app platform

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It’s been a while since we heard IBM and security mentioned in the same breath, but Big Blue is hoping to change that.

IBM Security has unveiled QRadar, a new security analytics platform that serves as the brain of security operation centres around the world.

The platform, according to IBM, will be open with developer tools and APIs for customers and partners to create on.

These apps can then be shared across the company’s Security App Exchange.

Earlier this year, the company made available what is known as X-Force Exchange, a 700 TB database of threats and attacks.

IBM claims more than 2,000 organizations have joined the threat sharing network. Its security app development partners include Bit9 + Carbon Black, BrightPoint Security, Exabeam and Resilient Systems, whose solutions span user behaviour analysis and risk profiling, threat intelligence, endpoint security, incident visualization,

In addition QRadar allows for custom rules and triggers, such as IP blocking, and also integrates with the IBM BigFix endpoint security solution.