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Increased competition as Intel and AMD move beyond the PC

Plus, Nokia's net sales in North America and Dell's reported Lightening portrait slider phone

April 23, 2010
<a href="http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/04/22/dell_lightning_windows_phone_7_android/" >Dell preps Windows Phone 7 portrait slider
The Register
Gavin Clarke writes about a reported new slider-phone called, Lightning from Dell.

“Dell is building all sorts of new-age handhelds – including a portrait slider phone running Windows Phone 7 and branded with Microsoft’s Windows logo – according to a new report.* Endgadget*reports that the Dell slider phone – called Lightning – will offer multi-touch, a QWERTY keypad, 5MP auto-focus camera, 1Gb flash memory, 8Gb microSD, Microsoft’s Internet-Explorer browser, and a 4.1-inch display.”

What’s your opinion?

Nokia welcomes a slow 2010
The Register
Bill Ray recaps Nokia’s net sales in North America so far this year.

“The news from across the Atlantic is not wonderful either. Net sales in North America have dropped by 27 per cent since last year, which means that Latin America is now bringing in twice the revenue on more than three times the number of handsets.”

<a href=http://blogs.zdnet.com/computers/?p=2261&tag=content;col1>Intel, AMD hunt for growth beyond the PC
ZD Net
John Morris outlines some of the competition that Intel and AMD faces as they attempt to move beyond the PC market.

“Both Intel and AMD are running smack into lots of new competition as they move beyond the PC. Qualcomm is just one of several companies combining 1GHz-plus multi-core Arm Cortex processors with high-performance GPUs to address this market for high-end smartphones, tablets and related devices. The Apple iPad illustrates just how well this combination can work on devices that are larger than smartphones.”