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Infographic: Calgary Police sheds light on growing need for video storage


Ever wonder how and how much video surveillance data is stored by the police?  A recent infographic from the Calgary Police Service may shed light into the practice.

The force, which is piloting the use of body-worn-cameras, now generates some 2.3 GB per hour of video footage, or 18.4 GB per shift.

Calgary Police video surveillance 1

To reach 1 TB of video, it would only take 12 officers 14 days, or a single officer four hours a day for about a year.

What’s also noteworthy is retention policy, which for the CPF can range from a minimum of 13 months for all video files up to 40 years if terrorism was involved.

Calgary Police video surveillance 2

To deal with storage needs, the force has deployed tiered storage solutions from Quantum Corporation, a San Jose, Calif-based solution provider.

Its solution work by placing video data initially on disc primary storage, moving it automatically to archived tape storage and eventually to the cloud depending on client needs.

Calgary Police video surveillance 3

Check out the infographics for insight on the growing storage needs of the police force.