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Is a red iPhone in Apple’s future?

Plus, how frequent are users checking e-mails and will MSI work with LG?

July 25, 2008
Apple seeing red for iPhone holiday sales
Calley Nye further hypothesizes on a rumour circulating around that Apple will soon be releasing a red iPhone 3G model just in time for the holidays.

“The red iPhone will presumably be sold as part of the (PRODUCT) RED campaign , a charitable organization that donates money to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Apple has released several products for this campaign previously, including (PRODUCT) RED iTunes gift cards, a red 8GB iPod Nano, and a red 1GB iPod Shuffle.”

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Internet pros check e-mail less often
Mike Masnick includes highlights from a study focused on how frequently users of different ages check their e-mails.

“A study noting that more experienced Internet users tend to check their e-mail less frequently than newer Internet users. The folks behind the report suggest that experienced Internet users have reached the point at which they don’t want e-mail controlling them any more — but it makes you wonder if the real answer is that many are using other forms of communication instead of e-mail, decreasing the importance of e-mail.”

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MSI to build LG’s X110 netbook?
ZD Net
Andrew Nusca follows talk where MSI may be working with LG to build a netbook.

“DigiTimes is reporting that LG is hoping to solicit MSI’s services in order to build its own X110 netbook. The mini laptop is said to boast an 8.9-inch panel, 120GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM and Windows XP under the hood – with a price between $625 and $790, with the intention to focus ‘design and material quality’ rather than a bargain-basement price tag.”

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