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Is Microsoft moving into the managed services software market?

Plus, Sony Ericsson's handsets and the greenest vendors in today's market place

October 24, 2008
Sony Ericsson to reduce handset range by 20 per cent
Register Hardware
James Sherwood writes why Sony Ericsson will be trimming down its offerings of handsets in its mobile phone product portfolio.

“Sony Ericsson plans to slash the number of handsets in its mobile phone line-up following its first quarterly loss in more than five years. Dick Komiyama, Sony Ericsson’s President, said the company will cull 20 per cent of its current handset range, according to a Financial Times report. Sony Ericsson will be left with 58 phones on offer.”

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Microsoft moving into managed services software market?
The VAR Guy
The VAR Guy writes why Microsoft may be getting into the managed services software market.

“According to an email allegedly from the software giant, Microsoft is conducting user research in November that involves the managed services software market. Apparently, the company plans to introduce a management platform that solutions providers can use to remotely manage customer networks. Microsoft has existing relationships with multiple MSP software providers. And the company recently announced a certification partnership with the MSPAlliance.”

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Motorola, HP are the greenest vendors in Wi-Fi and data centre, respectively
Network World
Cisco Subnet writes that according to ABI Research, Cisco has been deemed as the greenest network switching vendor, beating out Nortel and HP.

“Motorola emerged as the winner in ABI’s green Wi-Fi matrix, with Cisco and Siemens following in second and third places, respectively. In the green data centre stakes, HP won out with IBM and Cisco following in second and third places, respectively. ABI notes that Cisco did well in this category despite not having broad data centre offerings compared to HP and IBM.”

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