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Is Pulse enough to make you leave Chrome or Firefox for IE10?

CDN CURATED: The popular Pulse news-reading app for tablets is coming to your desktop

Long a popular news aggregator app for iPad and Android-based tablets, Pulse has now released a web-based version for desktop users. One catch though, reports Darrell Etherington of BetaKit — it’s been optimized for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10:

”It may seem a little strange for Pulse to be pushing the Windows angle so hard when it got its start on Apple’s software ecosystem, but CEO Akshay Kothari explained in an interview that what IE10 allowed them to do with a web-based product simply surpassed the other options out there, in terms of making something that was designed for touch but also not a native app.”

(Click here to read Pulse Launches Web-Based Version to Focus on Desktop Readers)

I confess I don’t use my Android-based tablet as often as I should; it’s mainly my time-killing tool on planes and on the road while travelling. I did install Pulse though after SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann recommended it as one of his favourite tablet apps, and I find it an enjoyable way to read the news on my tablet.

Besides how well it will port over to the desktop, particularly for non-touch users, the other question for Pulse is probably how many users will leave Chrome or Firefox for Internet Explorer 10 to use Pulse? It can be used in all major browsers, but Pulse partnered with Microsoft and promises a richer experience with IE10.