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IT provider deploys Roaring Penguin secure messaging with compliance

Roaring Penguin

Netrepid, an IT services company that provides collocation, infrastructure, and application hosting services for a wide range of industries, is based in Harrisburg, Penn. The industries they serve, such as healthcare, finance, education, and government, tend to be highly regulated, which means they often require enterprise class email protection to maintain compliance with regulations.

Sam Coyl, president and CEO of Netrepid, discovered Roaring Penguin’s secure messaging service quite a few years ago – and hasn’t looked back since.

“Seven years ago, I decided hosting services seemed attractive. We bought some local ISPs that had an existing client base of web hosting and other services,” he explained. “They were using Postini for spam filtering. We’ve grown from 20 servers to almost 3,000 servers now, so we’ve had huge growth. We realized as we grew that Postini just didn’t have the scalability and dynamic tools we needed. We had no control over it and it was expensive, so we looked at some different services.”

That’s when Netrepid discovered Roaring Penguin: a simpler way to provide enterprise class secure messaging without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

“We talked to them about the tool they have,” Coyl said. “It ran on Linux, it was scalable, we could cluster it, and have control over rules. We could tie it to different domains so there wasn’t the same policy for every single domain.”

“It gives the domain admin global access to do domain-wide white-listing and black-listing, as well as different policies and rules. We put that in place and started with a couple hundred accounts. Now we have several thousand that run through that on a regular basis. It’s been a great tool for us!”

What does secure messaging allow Netrepid’s clients to do? Secure messaging is a fantastic feature for allowing the creation of policies for storing mail locally, rather than delivering it and requiring recipients to log on over HTTPS to view messages in a secure manner.

“People aren’t so much worried about the number of memory in the server anymore.”Coyl noted. “They assume you have that. The conversations are driven by security, protection, and reliability. When we talk to our clients, we get them thinking about email security, especially with regulations like HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley.”

“It’s so easy to implement [secure messaging] so every one of our clients takes advantage of it. We tell them, we’re putting secure messaging in it because you need it. Being able to put in archiving and secure messaging on a single platform without having to manage 18 different vendors is extremely valuable for us! I just turn on a checkbox and it starts working!”

Roaring Penguin’s secure messaging: the highly recommended email encryption service for those IT services companies that are serious about following a reoccurring revenue model.

According to Sam: “Without these tools, there’s probably a good 15-20 per cent of our business we wouldn’t be able to do. Those features enable us to generate about 20 per cent of our revenue. Roaring Penguin’s tool is a great one to give providers an ability to have another source of reoccurring revenue that provides enterprise class security integrated into any system.”