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iTel Networks and WTG partnership a good sign for channel division, says CEO

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A new partnership with technology sourcing company WTG is a very big deal for iTel Network Inc.’s channel network, says its vice-president of sales and marketing.

The telecommunications provider announced the partnership with WTG April 11, a move that will put iTel at the “forefront of the Canadian landscape,” Kelly Pritchard said in a press release.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring WTG on board and strengthen our cross-border relationship with our American counterparts,“ he said.

WTG has had trouble finding international companies that fit well with their goals, said Vince Bradley, WTF CEO. That has now changed.

“WTG has been focusing on International partnerships for many years. The challenge up until now was that there weren’t many Canadian companies that fit within our business model,” he said. “With the addition of iTel to our portfolio, WTG partners are able to increase their sales efforts into the Canadian marketplace.”

Some of the partnerships iTel made last year has thrust iTel into uncharted territory within the Canadian channel scene, said Dan Rink, iTel CEO, but that’s exactly the direction they want to head in.

“We plan to continue to innovate and offer cutting edge solutions,” he said. ““WTG and iTel is a winning combination in my opinion.”