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Juniper adds security to software-defined networks platform

Security & Privacy

At the NXTWORK 2016 Customer Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., Juniper Networks unveiled enhancements to its security portfolio that extends its software-defined secure networks (SDSN) with advanced automated enforcement and threat prevention.

The new and upgraded solutions are highlighted by the new Policy Enforcer and Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), alongside the announcement of Juniper Networks new Professional Services team, as well as new mid-range SRX4000 Series firewalls.

Juniper Networks’ Policy Enforcer gives security directors another tool in order to protect their business. The new smart policy deployment engine extends threat prevention deeper into the network all the way down to the switch level, automating the enforcement of security policies and quarantines infected endpoints to prevent threats across firewalls and switches. This is all done through the new Juno Space Security Director.

“Attackers are constantly managing to get inside networks, so it’s critical to implement pervasive solutions that can rapidly identify the threat and prevent damage from being done. Juniper is broadening its Software-Defined Secure Networks platform and supporting customers in their effort to thwart cyber threats in a landscape that’s constantly evolving,” said Denise Shiffman, senior vice president of Juniper Development and Innovation.

A large aspect of broadening its SDSN platform is the enhanced Sky ATP. This cloud based protection service utilizes machine learning techniques in order to determines whether or not an item is a piece of malware or dangerous to the network. Based on the results, Sky ATP communicates with the security director, allowing it to stop the malware at any point.

“Whether you are connected wirelessly on a phone or by WiFi or Ethernet on a PC/laptop, by going deeper into the network down to the switch level Sky ATP can be dynamic and act in real-time,” senior director of Portfolio Marketing, Cloud & Enterprise, Scott Miles told CDN. “By using the cloud, Sky ATP is more than just a firewall. It can learn and catch behavior and intent, making it more adaptable. Using machine learning techniques allow this security to be more predictable.”

Additionally, the new Juniper Networks Professional Services team will provide customers assistance in the installation and configuration of the Junos Space Security Director, among other services like firewall migration services and SRX next-generation firewalls. Alongside its authorized professional services partners, Juniper offers a customizable full suite of maintenance opportunities.