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Juniper outlines Software-Defined Networks for MSPs

Managed Services

Juniper Networks has introduced JunosV Contrail, a new line of products which includes the JunosV Contrail Controller, an open, standards-based controller for software-defined networks (SDN). JunosV Contrail is in trials currently and aims to reduce costs for managed services providers who offer network and security services for private and public clouds.

According to Juniper, Cloud IT systems are helping companies respond quickly to increasingly uncertain and fast changing market conditions. Today, companies are able to deploy new applications and services within seconds. However, making the corresponding changes to the complex network infrastructure can take days and must be done manually. With Juniper Networks JunosV Contrail family of products, the network is no longer a roadblock to speed, scale and agility — instead, it delivers an unparalleled ability to adapt to changing business needs.

Built on intellectual property from Juniper’s recent acquisition of Contrail Systems, JunosV Contrail delivers virtual networks that integrate into existing data centres to centralize control across different client IT architectures and multiple cloud platforms. The solution virtualizes the network to enable seamless automation and orchestration among private and public cloud environments, elastic management of IP-based network and security services, and a “Big Data for Infrastructure” offering for enhanced analytics, diagnostics and reporting.

The release of this product co-insides with Juniper’s work with industry vendors and partners such as, Citrix, Cloudscaling, Mirantis and Red Hat. This collaboration produced a cloud-based solution on OpenStack or CloudStack and built on open standards, virtualization protocols and management of compute, and storage.