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Lenovo loses in the fourth quarter, but still manages to maintain its optimistic outlook

Plus, BlackBerry Storm 2 and Intel's next-generation Atom platform

May 22, 2009
BlackBerry Storm 2 due next month?
Paul Miller writes about the possibly soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Storm 2 smartphone device.

“Perhaps it should come as no surprise, given the pervasiveness of recent leaks, but word has it that the clickscreen-free BlackBerry Storm 2 could be hitting shelves as early as June, and no later than July. Word comes from Mr. BlackBerryOS.com himself, who got word from an ‘insider’ who has proved reliable in the past.”

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Intel’s next-gen Atom platform – Pine Trail
ZD Net
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes provides some details here on Intel’s next-generation Atom platform, code-named, Pine Trail.

“The Pineview CPU will incorporate both the GPU and memory controller onto the CPU, which means that the number of chips on a Pine Trail board will go from three (CPU, a GPU/memory controller chip and I/O chip) for Atom to two (CPU/GPU/memory controller chip and an I/O chip) on Pine Trail. This means that Pine Trail will not only cheaper to produce and assemble, but also more power efficient. This means longer battery life for netbooks and less heat to dissipate for nettop devices. The Pineview CPU is, as expected, a 45nm part.”

Stumbling Lenovo turns in record loss
The Register
John Oates writes about Lenovo’s fourth quarter revenue results.

“The firm, which owns the ThinkPad brand, said sales fell 26 per cent to $2.8 billion in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009. Gross profit was down 49 per cent to $285 million. Lenovo’s chairman, Liu Chuanzhi, said: ‘… while our performance in the fourth fiscal quarter did not meet our expectations, we are confident that we have the right pieces in place to hit our financial targets and be ready to take advantage as economic conditions improve.’”

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