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Lenovo pushes alternate form factors with Chrome machine

MobilityLenovo ThinkCentre Tiny Chromebox

Las Vegas NV – Computing giant Lenovo Monday announced a new entry in its ThinkCentre Tiny line, one that runs on Google’s Chrome OS.

The desktop, called the ThinkCentre Chromebox Tiny, is being marketed towards education and SMB sectors that are able to rely on the web-based app ecosystem of the Chrome OS.

“There is a host of content available to teachers to help with educational outcome, and I think the community around the chromebook education space has done a good job,” Stefan Bockhop, director of the business partner channel
at Lenovo Canada told CDN.  “There’s a lot of user created content, there’s a lot of content created by companies – it’s meaningful in terms of the educator being able to deliver content that’s relevant to the students.”

This is, of course, in addition to driving down the price, Bockhop said.

The Chromebox Tiny will be available in June starting at $199, while the Tiny-in-One, which combines the machine with a 23-inch display comes in at $279.

The chassis of the device is one litre in size.  According to Bockhop, it’s part of Lenovo’s strategy of driving growth through alternate form factors, which also include devices such as digital signage, half rack servers, taxi cab displays, and more.

“We’re trying to make sure we address all those points in the market,” Bockhop said.  “If there’s demand for it, and the customers and partners say ‘That’s the solution I want,’ then that’s incremental for Lenovo.  You’re solutioning in different environments because technology is everywhere.”