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Lenovo reorganizes to be more than just PCs

The VibeZ, one of Lenovo's newest smartphones

Lenovo is best known in North America as the Chinese PC vendor that bought IBM’s PC business, but like many vendors it has been rounding into more of a wider solutions player, and a recently announced company reorganization is designed to help it drive growth in key new market areas.

While Lenovo touts its position as “the top PC company” and says PCs will remain at the core of the business, effective April 1, Lenovo will go to market organized in four key and distinct business groups. These will replace its current two business groups – Lenovo Business Group with consumer PC and mobile, and the Think Business Group with commercial PCs and enterprise.

The new groups are:

  • PC Business Group, comprising Lenovo’s Lenovo and Think brands, charged with innovating and growing Lenovo’s PC business.
  • Mobile Business Group, comprising Lenovo’s smartphone, tablet and smart TV business.
  • Enterprise, with Lenovo’s server and storage business, including the x86 server business it’s acquiring from IBM. It will have a mandate for further growth in the enterprise space.
  • Ecosystem and Cloud Services: Lenovo says this group is tasked with building Lenovo’s China ecosystem and driving a strategy for monetization and ecosystem expansion.

“We will leverage our strength and competitive advantage in our traditional PC business, while also creating strong, profitable new businesses that can capture the growth opportunities in the market,” said Lenovo chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing, in a statement. “The new structure will help us be even faster, more focused and more efficient in providing innovative products and services to an incredibly diverse global market with a wide range of technology needs. We know we must anticipate the next set of opportunities for our company, and we are preparing our organization for the future. This way Lenovo can not only continue as the world PC leader, but become a true leader in the PC+ era.”