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LG teases G6 ahead of MWC unveiling


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is just a couple days away and news is starting to emerge from the major smartphone players.

LG will be officially unveiling its latest products in just a few days on Feb 26. at MWC in Barcelona, but for now the company has begun to trickle out news of the device in the face of numerous leaks.

It has confirmed the 18:9 aspect ratio 5.7 inch display. With this “FullVision” display comes the ability to watch videos or play games while also surfing the web or reading an e-book due to a improved take on Nougat’s build-in split-screen feature. Traditional LG apps like call, calendar, etc., also make use of this feature.

The smartphone takes advantage of the 18:9 display with a “Square Camera” feature that divides the display into two. This will allow users to take and review photos simultaneously. Other features include a new “Food Mode” for taking pictures of your food, and the ability to create GIFs by combining anywhere from two to 100 pictures in a loop.

Lastly, LG has released a teaser video of the smartphone’s new and improved interface: the LG UX 6.0 android skin.

Images of the G6 has been making the rounds on the web, with the clearest images coming on Twitter.

These images seem to confirm a finger sensor and thinner bezels.

Additionally, all signs appear to be pointing to a Mar. 10 release date.

Stay tuned for more on the LG G6, and more from MWC.