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Liberals want to end high cell phone contract cancellation fees

CDN CURATED: Should the feds legislate limits or is it contract signer beware?

Anyone who has looked to cancel a multi-year contract with a cellular service provider to switch companies, cancel service or even change phones has had to contend with often exorbinent cancellation penalties. As Elizabeth Thompson of iPolitics reports, the Liberal Party of Canada wants the Conservative government to step in:

”Regan said currently some consumers face fees as high as $600 to cancel cell phone contracts.

”We need to legislate limits on what it will cost a user to cancel a contract. These costs should be reasonable and consistent across the country.

(Click here to read “Feds should hang up on high cell phone cancellation fees: Regan“)

What do you think? Should the feds step in to legislate caps on cancellation fees, or should readers be aware of the contract provisions they sign in for and live with the consequences? Let us know in the comments.