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Limiting power outlets in coffee shops

Plus, news on the latest federal government copyright bill and AskEraser's pitfall

Dec. 12, 2007
Bad trends: Cafes blocking outlets
Tech Dirt
Mike Masnick offers his thoughts as to why some public venues are starting to restrict user power outlet access.

“A typical response, of course, is that it’s “stealing” electricity or that it’s somehow costly…Another complaint that I’ve heard is that these types of places don’t want people sitting around “clogging” the tables during busy periods, though many people have found that it actually helps to bring in more people.”

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New copyright law starts Web storm
The Globe and Mail
Mathew Ingram, who has been following the news around the federal government’s new copyright law, provides an update.

“The new copyright legislation, which was expected to arrive in Parliament this week, has been delayed — although it’s not clear whether the delay is a result of the criticisms and public outcry.”

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AskEraser fails to erase anything important
Nicholas Carlson critiques Ask.com’s new privacy control tool, AskEraser.

“It’s supposed to be a privacy control allowing users to delete their queries from Ask’s server logs, a move meant to set Ask apart in the market. But it won’t really do either.”

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