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Live stream – Technicity 2013: Focus on cybersecurity

Security & Privacy

As the Internet has become more entrenched in our every-day lives and the critical processes of businesses and governments alike, the threats potential security threats posed have also become more pronounced.

We’ve come a long way from merely being concerned over whether a hacker could crash our computer or deface a Web site. There is now a sophisticated cyber-crime underworld where the exchange of mass collections of payment credentials change hands and an industry built around designing malware kits perfected to steal such details. Even governments are getting in on the cyber-offensive, with militarized hacking divisions and surveillance operations that make us all question whether Internet privacy even exists.

IT World Canada and the City of Toronto are co-hosting Technicity 2013 with focus on cybersecurity to take a deep dive into these issues and hear from cybersecurity experts in both the public and private sector. We’ll be joined by the IT security professionals and researchers in our community in person at the Toronto Reference Library, but if you can’t make it down, join us here online for the next best thing.

Watch here live starting at 8:45 AM ET on Tuesday for our all-day conference live video feed and follow along on Twitter at #Technicity2013. You can check the agenda here.

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