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Logitech simplifies smart home control


Logitech is expanding its smart home product portfolio with the introduction of the Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and Pop Add-On Home Switch.

The new products were designed to work with a variety of smart home and lighting products, providing home users with a central place for controlling their various smart devices. According to Logitech’s announcement, the Pop Home Switch products can be set up simply with the push of a button. The products then provide customers with smart home device control and several lighting presets.

The launch of Pop Home Switch complements Logitech’s existing Harmony products, which enable consumers to control entertainment devices. With the two products installed in a home, customers have the ability to control both entertainment (watching movies, listening to music) and smart home devices, including lights, locks and blinds.

The features were designed to be managed from Android and iOS phones.

“Sometimes you just want to set the mood for movie night without opening multiple apps to turn down the lights, turn on the TV and the sound bar and draw the blinds,” said Renee Niemi, head of the smart home business at Logitech, in a statement. “With Pop, you can do all that with a press of the switch. It makes the smart home simple and accessible for everyone — not just the person with the smartphone.”

The growth of smart home devices is leading to opportunities for the channel. According to a Juniper Research report published last fall, the market is currently relatively small, with only 28 million units out there. The report predicted 1000 per cent growth over the next few years, with installed units topping 300 million by 2020.

Home technology isn’t always of interest or benefit to a channel partner’s business strategy, but the smart home may present opportunities to partners that want to get into something a little different. For instance, connected home vendor Zonoff is working with partners and recently struck a channel relationship to deepen its presence in the European market.

As for Logitech, the company has a worldwide network of channel and retail partners. The Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack and Pop Add-On Home Switch are priced at US$99.99 and US$39.99, respectively. The products are scheduled to ship this month.