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Machine-to-Machine might be the next wave of IT opportunity

New research shows that the channel has a big role to place in Machine-to-Machine implementations

What is Machine-to-Machine?

According to research company, Beecham Research of Boston, Machine-to-Machine or M2M is new technology that enables both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability.

Beecham said that M2M is acknowledged as the next wave of the IT evolution. However, the delivery of M2M projects is highly complex and requires a diverse range of products and services from a broad ecosystem of vendors and service providers.

This creates opportunities for channel partners to provide specialist services to support M2M implementations and build solutions that capitalize on the data collected by connected devices, the research firm predicts.

Oracle recently commissioned a research study from Beecham on the ecosystem and drivers fueling the M2M market and found a lot of channel activity.

For example, independent software vendors are building solutions that collect and analyze machine generated data.

Systems integrators are looking to deliver complete M2M projects to their customers.

Also solution providers are exploring ways to capitalize on the revenue opportunity provided by supply of the hardware and software components of these projects, from connected devices to datacenter infrastructure.