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Made in Canada security

Are there benefits to using a home grown anti-spam solution?

Spam! You’re it! With a constant and increasing demand for anti-spam and anti-virus software in today’s marketplace, businesses of all sizes are investing more time, effort and money when it comes to beefing up its security systems.

In response to the lack of a Canadian made anti-spam and anti-virus software for this marketplace, Jovian Technology, Inc., a Mississauga, Ont-based developer of IT infrastructure and application products, has released a new version of its Europa Anti-Spam & E-mail Appliance software program today.

This will be the second release for the software program, following its first launch last October.

Eric Wong, business development manager for Jovian Technology Inc., said users can expect a lot more from Europa Anti-Spam & E-mail Appliance in the coming releases.

“We have substantial advancements with each new batch we release,” Eric Wong said. “With each new release, we make filter processing systems even better.”

Europa Anti-Spam & E-mail Appliance is the first Canadian software appliance to be released in Canada. It is a multi-functional protection system that combats spam, viruses, and phishing attacks. What makes this software unique is that it even doubles as a back-up e-mail if the user’s primary e-mail server fails.

Also included in the Europa software is the Heuristic Connection Protection device, which tracks and documents threats into a centralized base; so if an e-mail is identified as a virus or spam, it will be deleted.

Another specialty feature is the black/whitelist one where users can sort e-mails into one of two streams.

“The whitelist is for people you want to talk to,” Eric Wong said. “The blacklist is for spam. Once e-mails have been blacklisted, spam will be dropped immediately.”

With affordable pricing and Canadian availability, Europa Version 2.0 Anti-Spam & E-Mail Appliance is suitable for any business. Prices vary according to the amount of users and range from $1,500 to $10,000.

AE ComputArE Inc., a Canadian channel partner of Jovian Technology Inc., is a strong believer in this software program.

Albert Wong, president of AE ComputArE Inc., highlights the importance of effective spam filtering.

“As a channel partner, we find there are a lot of similar products in the market,” Albert Wong said. “But many of them are from the United States, or they don’t fully meet user requirements and expectations. With Europa, everything can be managed in one system and at a relatively low-cost to Canadians.”

One of AE ComputArE Inc.’s Canadian customers who use this program is Janes Family Foods, a family-owned Canadian manufacturer of frozen products.

According to Janes Family Foods, using Europa Anti-Spam & E-Mail Appliance has increased IT productivity by effectively sorting out e-mails, which therefore allows for more time and effort to be put into other duties.

Eric Wong says Jovian offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. “This is because we’re really proud and committed to this product and we’re positive it will work.”