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Massive worker brawl at iPhone factory in China

More than 2,000 employees of Foxconn fight each other in bizarre mix up

According to the Associated Press, Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer of Apple iPhone suspended production on Sept. 24th after a massive brawl that involved about 2,000 of its workers.

The Foxconn plant is located in the Taiyuan region of China. The dust-up occured at a dormitory on the Foxconn campus and approximately 40 people were injured.

An investigation has been started to find out the cause of the big fight which the report stated was started on the Sunday night of Sept. 23rd. The dormitory is near the Foxconn factory and is privately managed. The Chinese police issued a statement saying 5,000 officers were dispatched to the scene, arrests were made and those injured were sent to hospital for treatment.

Foxconn did not confirm if the halted production was for iPhone or any other product it makes. Besides the iPhone and iPad, Foxconn produces products for Microsoft and HP. Foxconn did say the facility has approximately 79,000 people and that production would restart on Sept. 25.

This is not the first time Foxconn has faced worker problems. The company was rocked back in 2010 by worker suicides because of poor working conditions and low wages. To address these concerns Foxconn did raise minimum pay and reduce the number of hours an employee can work. In the past, Foxconn employees regularly worked more than 60 hours a week.