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McAfee launches new data centre security suites

New solutions address security challenges for data centres in the physical, virtual and cloud environments

McAfee announced four new Data Centre Security Suites to help secure servers and databases in the data centre.

The suites offer a combination of whitelisting, blacklisting and virtualization technologies for protecting servers and virtual desktops. These solutions provide security for servers and databases in physical, virtualized and cloud-based data centres, with minimal impact on server resources which is a key demand for data centres.

Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Information Security and Networking at Enterprise Security Group, said performance and security are key concerns for servers in the physical, virtualized or cloud-based data centres. The new server security suites from McAfee, based on its application whitelisting, virtualization and blacklisting and AV technologies, provide an enhanced security posture while maintaining the high server performance needs of the data centre.

The suites offer customers the ability to protect their physical and virtual servers and virtual desktops with a unique combination of technologies in a single solution.