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MediaValet helps Zeus Industrial Products achieve mythic sales productivity in the cloud

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When Orangeburg, S.C.-based polymer material supplier Zeus Industrial Products needed to amp up its digital sales efforts with video and 3D models, it called upon MediaValet’s digital asset management (DAM) to provide the jolt.

Zeus sells its polymer extrusion products to a wide variety of markets. From medical sutures to fibre optics coatings to aircraft exteriors, these plastics are mythical in their advanced properties and made to meet the most demanding standards. So selling the materials requires communicating complicated details and concepts that are hard to grasp for mere mortals.

“It’s hard to find someone that can handle the 3D files outside of the CAD solutions and more industrial companies are using those formats in their sales strategies,” says Maria Osipova, vice-president of marketing at MediaValet. “Zeus wanted to focus on a content-rich platform.”

Before MediaValet’s solution was implemented, Zeus’ marketing and sales teams had to search for supporting materials in a variety of network drives and storage devices across various office locations with limited searchability. As a result they often used outdated materials if they could find any assets at all.

Then Zeus took to the cloud and everything changed. When it found that MediaValet’s solution was built on Microsoft Azure’s Platform as a Service, it moved like lightning to adopt it. Now MediaValet is receiving the Diamond Award for Top Enterprise Solution at CDN’s Channel Innovation Awards on Sept. 19.

“We felt that MediaValet would be able to help us when we first saw it. The system is extremely easy to use at every level and our IT department had no hesitation after reviewing MediaValet’s infrastructure with Microsoft Azure. MediaValet is a game changer, and we now save countless on hours searching, formatting, and sharing assets with our internal teams and partners. We look forward to the many ways it will continue to facilitate our asset management,” says Aaron Middeke, digital media producer at Zeus Industrial Products With MediaValet, in MediaValet’s nomination.

Now Zeus’ sales team of 150 regularly searches up the perfect video to help with a sales call, Osipova says. “No matter where they are in the world, with a couple of key strokes they can locate all the materials they need,” she says. From videos, to brochures, to other rich assets.

MediaValet is available on 52 different Azure regions around the world, providing its customers a secure and low-latency solution.

Here’s an example of one of Zeus’ videos from Youtube: