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Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen tablet PC

rnPlus, HP's printers and PC plans and retailers during the holiday seasonrn

September 30, 2009
MS dual-screen tablet to arrive next year?
Register Hardware
James Sherwood writes about Microsoft’s prototype dual-screen e-book reader tablet PC, Courier.

“According to one of ZD Net’s ‘connected tipsters,’ (he/she) has claimed that Courier is further along the development line than a pure research project. The net result, according to the tipster, is that Courier will be launched next year … Courier will be based on Windows 7 … and will support cloud-based storage.”

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HP pencils in radical restructure
Channel Register
John Oates writes that HP is “considering restructuring its business to more closely ally printers and PCs.”

“HP has seen big growth in PC sales and although margins on its magic ink remain strong the firm is less dependent on printer profits. Instead it is services and software where HP makes the big bucks. Maybe that will be the end result of the printer/PC moves – an easier and cheaper way to distribute its lower-end physical products. The changes still need final sign-off from chief executive Mark Hurd, according to the Wall Street Journal’s anonymous sources.”

Will cloud computing services get a boost from low IT spending?
Network World

Tom Foremski writes how retailers may be affected by the current economic downturn as the holidays approach.

“Retailers and many other companies have to have sufficient computing resources to handle the busiest season of their year. But with many companies cutting back on their IT expenditures over the past year, they will be running the risk of not being able to cope with spikes in demand. Companies will be looking for ways to deal with this problem and this should translate into an excellent business opportunity for cloud computing services companies.”

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