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Mining your social contacts for intelligence and analytic insight


Business software vendor SAP AG wants to help you drive business value from your social networks.

The company has launched the SAP Social Contact Intelligence analytic application, powered by its SAP HANA platform. According to SAP, the application allows businesses to glean sentiment and contact insights from social media channels and internal company sources, with the goal of better targeting and influencing customers and prospects.

“With SAP Social Contact Intelligence, marketing professionals can incorporate social sentiment insights directly into their campaigns to more easily identify and target prospects and influencers and help drive incremental sales,” said SAP, in a statement. “Additionally, sales professionals can gain deeper insights into customers, allowing them to quickly identify the most influential and relevant contacts at an account and service professionals can analyze product and service complaints from social channels to proactively identify trouble spots and take preventive measures.”

Social Contact Intelligence is one of the tools within SAP’s larger Customer Engagement Intelligence suite. The other includes SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting, SAP Customer Value Intelligence and SAP Account Intelligence.