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Mozilla’s Firefox beta 3 release is both reliable and secure

Plus, Lenovo's ThinkPad T61 and Nokia N96

Feb. 15, 2008
First look at Firefox 3.0 beta 3
ZD Net
Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes evaluates Mozilla’s Firefox beta 3.

“I’m also seeing UI tweaks here and there…mostly subtle stuff, all relating to making the browser easier to use. Nothing that screams useless eye-candy. Reading all the docs that accompany this release it’s clear to see that Mozilla have put a lot of effort into making this release not just robust and reliable, but secure too!”

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Lenovo ThinkPad T61
The Register
Leo Waldock offers his thoughts on Lenovo’s ThinkPad T61.

“The T61 looks and feels like every other ThinkPad you’ve ever seen with build quality that appears immaculate. It has a fabulous keyboard and provides both a TrackPoint mid-keyboard joystick and a touchpad. The result is a laptop that is slightly chunky – its dimensions are 335.5 x 237 x 27.6mm – that weighs 2.34kg ready to travel.”

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Hands-on with Nokia’s high-rolling N96
Sean Cooper takes a look at the Nokia N96 compared to its N95 model.

“The Nokia N96 is here and while it certainly doesn’t blow the doors off the current N95 in all its many varieties, it does refresh the form, add beauty, and the TV ain’t all that bad to boot. What definitely stands out on the N96 is build quality, the material choices here are not as cheap as they were on its older siblings, it actually looks and feels like a high end device.”

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