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Navantis avoids sharks, swims with Dolphin

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CDN Top 100 Solution Provider Navantis Inc. of Toronto has acquired a contract lifecycle management solution for SharePoint from a Silicon Valley vendor.

The solution is called Dolphin Contract Manager and it was developed by San Francisco-based software vendor Seal Software  Ltd. The Dolphin solution is one of the top contract lifecycle management products for Microsoft SharePoint in the market place. Dolphin provides Navantis with a solution for the rapidly growing domain of contract management governance and compliance space.

Andy Papadopoulos, President of Navantis, said contract lifecycle management is one of the top business challenges facing the enterprise today. “Corporations are at risk for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrealized benefits or non-compliance penalties when complex clauses are managed manually or inefficiently. The acquisition of DCM enables us to immediately deliver a proven solution to any SharePoint customer,” he said.

Meanwhile, Seal Software said it wanted to divest itself of the Dolphin business because the company needed to focus on its contract discovery and analytics offerings.

The Dolphin solution will help Navantis provide a complete lifecycle from contract creation, approval, management, notifications, alerts, reporting and analysis to contract retention beyond the active lifespan of contracts being managed. The Dolphin Contract Manager also helps organizations manage contract obligations as well as track supplier commitments and milestones such as renewals, discounts, jurisdiction, and governing law.

Papadopoulos added that Navantis is transitioning key personnel from Seal to the company to ensure the best possible continuity for the product.

Navantis first began working with the Dolphin solution through a due diligence process evaluating contract lifecycle management solutions.

Recently Navantis completed an online solution for The City of Vaughan. Navantis used Microsoft Sharepoint technology as its core platform. By using Sharepoint, Navantis elevated the city to be more of a commercial site similar to a bank’s Web site.

According to the Mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilacqua, the city is growing and the goal is to transform into a world-class city. As an example, Mayor Bevilacqua recently struck a business accord with the City of Milan, Italy.