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NetApp enterprise all flash array improves data centre economics


In order to meet the demands of the data-heavy age NetApp has released a new enterprise all-flash array storage solution.

The new NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) A700s array aims to shrink data centre footprints and power and cooling costs for the enterprise with upgraded flash density and storage efficiency. In order to reduce costs, NetApp is focusing on reducing power consumption and rack space with this new solution.

“NetApp’s new AFF all-flash arrays provide even stronger proof of how our innovation accelerates results and dramatically improves data centre economics,” said Joel Reich, NetApp’s executive vice president of products and operations, in a statement.

According to NetApp, improvements to total cost of ownership were made possible ‘through a dense form factor that reduces power consumption by 11 times , rack space by nine times, rack space by 19 times, and support costs by 67 per cent.’ The AFF A700s supports 15TB SSDs, a 32GB fibre channel, and 40GB ethernet connectivity options.

The storage solution is available on-premises, and in public clouds from AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud and more.

The AFF A700s are a part of the AFF all-flash A-Series, which includes A200 entry-level, A300 mid-range, and A700 high-end options. For more on the AFF all-flash A-Series, you can read more here.

NetApp is also celebrating its one year anniversary of its SolidFire acquisition, which closed last year on Feb. 2, 2016.