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New Microsoft software codenamed “Albany” is designed for consumers

Plus, certifications and upgraded flying security measures

Mar. 25, 2008
Upgrade to Vista, Office 2007 and Server 2008?
IT World Canada
Jason W. Eckert advises on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 versus Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, and what that means when it comes to upgrading one’s skillset.

“For current IT professionals, I would recommend that you wait until next year to think about Vista and Server 2008 certification. For those who are currently taking a college program, it is probably a good idea to get certified in Windows Vista before entering the workforce such that you don’t need to do it down the road, but also emphasize Windows XP skills on a resume!”

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‘Albany’: New Microsoft ‘home office’ in the works?
ZD Net
Mary Jo Foley writes about Microsoft’s latest beta software product codenamed “Albany.”

“The beta invitation for Albany is cryptic, according to testers who received the invite and asked not to be named. Albany will be aimed at home PC users, not business customers, and will include both a software and a services component. The individuals who’ve been invited into the private, limited beta so far are those who’ve previously beta-tested Office releases.”

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Flying security: Shackle all passengers with tazer-like bracelets
According to Bruce Scheneier, a company is trying to patent a bracelet that flight passengers would be required to wear that could give them the shock of their lives. Mike Masnick reports.

“(The bracelet) could provide a debilitating shock at the decision of a crew member. And, yes, there’s a company trying to commercialize this idea. I’m sure absolutely nothing might go wrong by strapping up all passengers with a potentially debilitating shock. Nothing at all…”

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