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New minister of digital government gets thumbs up from Trudeau, ITAC


The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is pleased with the latest cabinet shuffle in Ottawa, especially the appointment of Scott Brison as the country’s new minister of digital government.

Brison, who is also the President of the Treasury Board – a position he will maintain – has been a long-time champion of IT and digital services, Robert Watson, CEO of ITAC said. And while the appointment doesn’t mean a new ministry is being formed, it’s still a significant step in the right direction, he added, as it puts Brison in the centre of all decisions around the federal government’s digital service offerings.

“We think this is one of the most significant announcements today,” he said. “It really means the government gets it. A digital economy is the future of Canada, and it supports all sectors.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echoed Watson’s statements on Twitter, saying Brison will focus on “making sure the government’s digital services work better for Canadians across the country.” The title is new, and may be responsible for improving delivery of government services across digital channels like Canada.ca, which has faced criticism for being over-budget and past deadline.

Alex Benay, CIO of Canada, also showed his enthusiasm on Twitter, describing the people pushing forward Canada’s digital strategy as “amazing.”

“Momentum is on our side. Time to make the world take notice,” he added.

In a statement released this afternoon, ITAC said it has high hopes for Filomena Tassi, the new minister of seniors.

“We look forward to engaging new Minister of Seniors Filomena Tassi, and updating her on the advantages of adopting ICT to deliver better services to Canada’s ageing population,” the statement read.

The federal cabinet rearranged six ministers’ responsibilities and promoted five MPs to the front bench in a major shakeup earlier today.