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New security app protects Facebook photos

McAfee's Social Protection app prevents unauthorized viewing, sharing, downloading or printing of photos on Facebook

McAfee announced the availability of a free public beta of McAfee Social Protection, a new app for Facebook that protects users’ photos from being shared without their permission.

Offered as a Facebook app together with a browser plug-in, McAfee Social Protection lets users select which friends have access to their photos and makes pictures appear blurry to everyone else. For selected friends, the photos will be displayed properly once those friends have installed the app, creating a second layer of protection.

McAfee Social Protection prevents photos from going viral or being uploaded onto the Internet by someone else. Only friends who have been granted access can view photos, but even they are unable to share, copy, print or take screenshots of them. Those who have not been granted access will not be able to view the photos at all.

Brenda Moretto, Canadian Consumer Sales Manager at McAfee, said as consumers continue to share more of their lives online through the photos they post to Facebook, they become increasingly vulnerable to the privacy pitfalls associated with not being able to fully control where their photos end up. McAfee Social Protection helps to further underscore our commitment to safeguarding consumers’ safety, data and identities online.