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New Shared Service push; what it means for Ottawa IT resellers

CDN Curated: New Canadian government decision could cut out the channel

I have said this before but solution providers in the National Capital Region should be alarmed.

The Conservative Government is ruled that government data centres will be classified as a national security priority, which means IT equipment and services for building data centres will be procured differently than they are today.

The nightmare scenario for Canadian solution providers is that the government may have no choice but to do direct deals with manufacturers on data centre and cut them out entirely.

A notification to Canadian solution providers and other suppliers for PWGSC was send out about three months ago, at the request of Shared Services Canada.

In that document, Shared Services has invoked the National Security Exception under Canada’s domestic and international trade agreements in connection with procurements for Shared Services related to email, networks, telecommunications systems, data centres, infrastructure and services.

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