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New technology allows photos for programming a computer

New tool converts images into an error-free computer code

For decades, designers and developers have been dreaming of a tool that will convert any raster image graphics into an error-free computer code.

Accelerated I/O Inc., an animation technology developer based in Tulsa, Okla., may have come up with the tool.

The company has released Pac-n-Zoom, an application that allows for the conversion of any still raster image into native computer-coded animation. More specifically, it presents the unmatched ability to animate photos by converting raster graphics to scalable vector graphics (SVG) format, with a number of other applications possible as well:

Searchable Graphics – Make all image and video files fully indexable and searchable, as the technology converts them into plain computer code.

Document Handling – Allow all documents to be scanned directly into computers, saved to the cloud, fully searchable, better than original in quality.

Quality Photos – Enable any mobile phone cameras to take non-pixelated images which can be shown on a big screen, distortion-free.

Quality Video – 100 times smaller movie files than the ones we use today, while maintaining better than Blu-ray quality.

The Pac-n-Zoom application allows anyone to convert a photo image into high definition animated video in Scalable Vector Graphics format (called SVG). The resulting animation has almost no colour or shape distortion, even if shown on a high resolution screen, according to the company.

The company envisions people taking still pictures from a smartphone or tablet into professional, tiny-size videos that can be easily shared and indexed. They can also be uploaded to social media websites such as Facebook or Google, as well as play these animations on a big screen TV with Blu-ray quality.

Joe Doll, CEO of Accelerated I/O, said we are showcasing animation, but SVG format has a future in all electronics, because it is a bridge between graphics and computers.