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Nokia still has a patent business

Plus, Visa launches a digital wallet and some differing views on BYOD

Visa to launch V.me digital wallet On ZDNet gives the details. “V.me allows payments to be made using NFC technology in-store, but will also be made accessible to users on the Web through PCs, laptops and tablets. Not limited to Visa cards, the service will also work with MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards,” he reports.

Nokia still has a patent business On The Register, Natalie Apostolou explains why. “It is unclear how much if these royalties are coming directly from the ongoing spoils of Nokia’s victory with Apple last June, but it would be assumed the lion’s share would be Apple derived,” she writes.

IT pros differ widely on BYOD risks vs. value On MSPmentor, looks at some survey results. “Respondents stressed the importance of security with BYOD. Seventy-four percent of those surveyed emphasized that the enterprise’s biggest mobile challenge was managing information security. Even though security is a concern, 50.7 percent of respondents claimed that employee access to personal devices was a productivity necessity, while only 7.9 percent said personal devices were detrimental to productivity,” Arlotta reports.