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Nokia’s latest mobile phone market expectations

Plus, a new HP custom netbook and a cheaper iPhone offering at Walmart?

December 5, 2008
HP Vivienne Tam Edition Mini 1000 Digital Clutch now available
Laura June writes about the new Mini 1000 custom 10-inch netbook from HP.

“The Vivienne Tam-designed Mini 1000…is available to order on HP’s site…The notebook (sports) a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom with 1GB of RAM, plus an up to 60GB hard drive. The fashion-conscious laptop is less than an inch thick and has a starting weight of 2.45 pounds.”

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Say hello to the $99 iPhone
ZD Net
Jason D. O’Grady includes findings from Boy Genius Report that states Apple’s iPhone may soon drop in price at Walmart stores.

“Today, BGR claims that Apple may re-launch the discontinued 4GB iPhone at Walmart for $99 (with a two year contract). BGR notes that its source does not have a proven track record but that ‘it does make you think, doesn’t it?’”

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Nokia trims expectations again
The Register
Bill Ray reveals Nokia’s latest mobile phone market expectations.

“Nokia has cut expectations of the mobile-phone market for the third time in as many months, while Palm is planning to cut costs by 20 per cent following a halving of sales. Less than a month ago Nokia predicted 330 million phones would ship in the last quarter of 2008, a prediction the company now thinks was optimistic – though this time the Finnish giant is only saying that the final number will be lower.”

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