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Nutanix reveals new Enterprise Cloud solution


Nutanix has announced the release of a new enterprise cloud solution.

The Nutanix New Enterprise Cloud is designed to consolidate many operational functions in the data centre, such as virtualization tools.

It’s designed to mimic on-premise infrastructure in security, predictability and control while providing cloud-like agility, reduced resource consumption and operational simplicity.

The numbers Nutanix is touting are not small. Namely, it’s claiming more than 100 per cent improvements in performance.

The solution is also capable of automation, hypervisor conversion and cross-hypervisor backup.

The automation, through what is known as the Prism Pro tool, is meant to eliminate other infrastructure management products. The function makes use of web-scale technologies and will feature a “Google-like” search engine.

Meanwhile, the Acropolis App Mobility Fabric (AMF) component allows applications and data to move between physical and cloud environments. For now, AMF allows for migrations between Nutanix sstems, but will down the line allow for non-Nutanix to Nutanix and Nutanix to the cloud migrations.

As for conversions and backups AMF is capable of quick in-place conversions from ESXi to AHV and allows for cross-hypervisor backup.