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One analyst’s outlook on future trends in data warehouses

Plus, the booming server market and Acer drops its prices on its Aspire One notebooks

August 25, 2008
The 1-petabyte barrier is crumbling
Network World
CurtMonash, an analyst of and strategic advisor to the software industry at Monash Research, forecasts future data trends in data warehouses.

“The 1-petabyte barrier is crumbling. Specifically, we’re about to see data warehouses — running on commercial database management systems — that contain over 1 petabyte of actual user data.”

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Dell thrives in up server market
The Register
Austin Modine reveals Gartner’s most recent findings on the server business.

“The server biz is still booming thanks to customers buying up x86 boxes…according to Gartner. Global shipments of servers grew by 12.2 per cent in Q2 compared to the same period last year, according to Gartner. Total revenues from servers also grew 5.7 per cent worldwide year-over-year. The biggest gains were from Dell, which remained third in overall revenue – but licked a lot of stamps in Q2 and shipped nearly 25 per cent more machines year-over-year.”

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Acer drops Aspire One prices, adds bigger battery
Charlie Sorrel writes that Acer’s Aspire One mini-notebook is now $50 less. Here’s why.

“Acer’s press people told Laptop Mag that ‘Aspire one is the must-have back-to-school supply for students.’ These mini-notebooks are ideal for school use (unless you’re doing a video editing class): tiny, light and cheap, they make a lot more sense than lugging a 17″ MacBook Pro around. Acer has also announced an all-new Aspire One, with a long awaited six-cell battery, a 160GB hard drive and Windows XP Home.”

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