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One in six IT projects have ‘out of control’ budgets

Plus, Steve Jobs' influence in the cloud world and 10 budget Android tablets

August 29, 2011

One in six IT projects have ‘out of control’ budgets


Zack Whittaker reports on a global study that suggests IT budgets are over the top.

“On average, one in six major IT projects goes over-budget by 200 percent, with researchers citing show-stoppers and unforeseen circumstances as the main reasons why budgets are broken. Along with growing complexity and unexpected events, such as compatibility or access to provisioning, most IT projects however still went into the red by 27 percent.”

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How Steve Jobs influenced Salesforce.com and cloud apps

The VAR Guy

Dave Courbanou reports on the former CEO’s influence in the industry.

” I wonder: How many additional CEOs have been influenced by Jobs’ advice? It’s likely we’ll never know the full answer, but it’s worth thinking about how Apple and Steve Jobs have shaped the computing landscape we know and love today, even if it was behind the scenes.”

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10 budget Android tablets

The Register

Alun Taylor gives product round-up of Android tablets.

“Across the board cheap Android tablets are nowhere near as ghastly as they were just a year ago. Of course, there are sacrifices. You are not going to get Honeycomb or a glass screen or a true multi-day battery life. Increasingly, what you will get is a capacitive rather than resistive screen, Android in it’s 2.2 or 2.3 incarnation – rather than antediluvian 1.6 version – and even access to the Android Market and Google mobile apps.”

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