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One man’s definition of the cloud

Plus, Sony's VAIO X ultra-portable notebook and Oracle and Sun Microsystems

September 3, 2009
Sony announces 11.1″ VAIO X ultraportable: Intel Atom, 1.5 lbs
ZD Net
Andrew Nusca writes about Sony’s recently announced VAIO X ultra-portable notebook product.

“(The) Sony … VAIO X … (is) a half-inch thin, 11.1-inch ultra-portable notebook with an all-day battery. The system is reportedly built of carbon fiber, weighing only 1.5 lbs (and) it will have built-in 3G support”

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Cloud = Internet!!!
Network World
Mark Bowker offers his definition of what the cloud is and what it’s made up of.

“Cloud is nothing more than leveraging the power of the Internet to deliver and/or consume a service. That service can range from a single application to a complete virtual machine or a desktop. The common component is the Internet.”

Oracle to talk Sun hardware on October 14
The Register

Timothy Prickett Morgan writes that Oracle will talk about its plan for Sun’s Sparc server business during its October conference.

“Oracle, which will presumably soon own Sun Microsystems, has not said much about its plans for the Sparc server business at Sun since announcing its takeover in April – but apparently the top brass at the company are going to assuage everyone’s fears that Oracle will ditch Sun iron, and will do so on October 14 at the OpenWorld extravaganza hosted by Oracle.”

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