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OnX wins big energy services deal

CDN Top 100 solution provider OnX has confirmed that is managed services unit is now deployed cloud and MSP services for the North American operations of ShawCor Ltd., an energy services company.

ShawCor starting back in 1930 as a specialty pipe coater in Southwestern Ontario. In 2006, the company reached a billion dollars in revenue and has turned itself into a global energy services company with representation in 25 countries.

ShawCor operates through eight divisions which focus on technology-based products and services for the pipeline and pipe services market and the petrochemical and industrial market with manufacturing and service facilities. The company selected OnX to deliver a dual data centre, high availability environment hosted in OnX’s IaaS federated cloud.

Dean Gibb, vice president of IT for ShawCor, said the company was specifically motivated to improve the manner in which it was supporting and deploying its ERP system. Based on previous experience, ShawCor realized that a cloud based, outsourced solution would transform the way they supported the rest of the organization’s business units.

OnX was able to address ShawCor’s concerns about support, availability, performance and the ability to meet aggressive deadlines by demonstrating to ShawCor how a multi-tenant cloud approach could improve its ability to manage IT delivery with lower capital requirements and the enable the dexterity to scale on demand, he added.

The fully managed hybrid solution constitutes both cloud and dedicated infrastructure and a full suite of managed services including OS management, data back-up and end-to-end monitoring. To ensure high-availability of ShawCor’s mission-critical applications, the organization elected to implement a dual data centre solution which consists of a primary production as well as secondary fail over infrastructure.

“Being relatively new to the organization, I wanted to take a fresh look at how we support and deploy existing and new technologies, so I challenged our team to come up with a new and innovative approach,” Gibb said.

“Moving the existing ERP application to a hybrid environment allows us to leverage the power of the cloud and still maintain legacy applications in a dedicated environment, which will allow us to improve support for our end users as well as reduce costs and improve time-to market.”

Wayne Kiphart, President OnX Managed Services unit, said ShawCor’s thought leadership to strategically look at new and improved ways of delivering IaaS will pay strong dividends as the organization continues on its growth trajectory.