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Oracle’s Ellison: Salesforce.com is the ‘roach motel’ of clouds

Plus, private investment into N-able and did Oracle snub Benioff?

October 6, 2011

Oracle’s Ellison: Salesforce.com is the ‘roach motel’ of clouds


Rachel King reports on Oracle’s public cloud.

“Ellison repeatedly drummed in the importance of using industry-standard languages — namely Java — calling out competitors SAP and Salesforce.com for bucking this idea. Ellison later argued against multi-tenancy — which Benioff lobbied for earlier in the day — citing that it was the state-of-the-art 15 years ago, but that all the modern compute clouds use virtualization as part of their security model.”

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Benioff cries foul following alleged OpenWorld keynote snub

Talkin’ Cloud

looks at the reaction to the alleged snub.

“Of course, Oracle claims Benioff’s keynote was pushed aside due to scheduling difficulties. But Benioff doesn’t believe it one bit, and took to Twitter to promote his impromptu alternate keynote, held at the nearby St. Regis AME Restaurant. And apparently Oracle OpenWorld attendees abandoned the conference in droves to see Benioff hold court, with lines stretching around the block.”

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Private equity firm invests in N-able, managed services


reports on the investment.

“N-able Technologies did not disclose how much money Accel-KKR invested in the company. CEO Gavin Garbutt confirmed that the Accel-KKR investment involves a minority position in N-able Technologies. Accel-KKR gains two seats on N-able’s board of directors, which now has eight members. N-able’s management team remains in place.”

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