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Pay It Forward: Five ways women can support each other

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Helping women succeed is a big focus for Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer and founder of the Lean In FoundationIn a recent article in People magazine, Sandberg offered the following five simple ways that women can support each other:

1. Challenge the likability penalty. Women are often criticized when they take the lead and assert themselves. When you hear this, you should ask whether people would have the same reaction if a man did the same thing.

2. Celebrate women’s accomplishments. Take every opportunity to call out women publicly for their accomplishments.

3. Make sure women’s ideas are heard. Invite women to participate in the conversation and speak up to make sure they’re heard.

4. Become a mentor. Pay it forward by investing in a woman who’s just starting out.

5. Join a lean in circle. Small groups of peers that meet regularly can provide powerful support and advice.