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Pinnaca expands beyond Toronto area

Managed Services

Following an international merger, Pinnaca is planning to expand its presence in Canada beyond the Toronto area.

The U.K.-based company has operated in Toronto for 15 years as BCS Global Networks. Last year, BCS merged with U.S.-based Video Guidance. The combined company took on the name Pinnaca.

Now, Pinnaca is ready to expand its Canadian presence. According to the company’s announcement, it has served the Toronto area as a wholesaler of videoconferencing products, but now it’s looking to capitalize on the growing opportunity presented by video communications solutions in the Canadian market.

“We see a tremendous opportunity for continued growth in Canada,” said Michael Werch, Pinnaca’s president of North America, in a statement. “Now, we are set to aggressively extend our geographic reach, while bringing new, ever-changing technologies to a worldwide marketplace.”

To ease the transition from regional to national provider, Pinnaca hired Graham Moore as its new regional account manager. In his new role, Moore will oversee Pinnaca’s visual communications and managed services initiatives. His responsibilities will begin in the Toronto area, but it appears the expectation will be for Moore to begin to help Pinnaca branch out to other markets in the Great White North.

Pinnaca works with a variety of partners to bring its managed and cloud-based conferencing solutions to market. Based in Berkshire, U.K., the company also has offices in Minnesota, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and, of course, Toronto.

“Today’s technologies have brought unimaginable changes to our way of life, and the number of communication options available on virtually any kind of device is growing exponentially,” Werch said. “Videoconferencing has revolutionized the way people connect and, as a result, businesses and organizations are making visual communications a strategic priority. Our recent merger strengthens our North America marketing footprint and positions Pinnaca’s dedicated worldwide video network to continue to grow our managed and cloud-service offerings.”