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Pure Storage launches AI in a box, AIRI

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Simple but powerful, that’s how Pure Storage is describing its recently launched AI-powered storage platform, AIRI.

Powered by NVIDIA and Pure Storage FlashBlade, AIRI will help cloud, enterprise and government organizations input data and extract insights much faster, says Pure Storage, adding the additional horsepower from NVIDIA will reduce the time it takes for organizations to kickstart their AI-driven projects from weeks, to hours.

“Businesses everywhere are scaling-up AI infrastructure to attack their most important challenges and opportunities,” said Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager of deep learning systems at NVIDIA, in a March 27 press release.

Pure Storage CEO Charles Giancarlo agreed, and said AI will soon give consumers “personalized experiences” while keeping online communities safer.

Source: Pure Storage blog.

“Safer autonomous vehicles will save tens of thousands of lives and make us more efficient. AI-driven advances in life sciences have made preventative healthcare a current reality rather than a vague future possibility,” he said.

AI has gained serious attention from enterprise companies and CIOs in the last year. According to Gartner, AI will be a top five investment priority for more than 30 percent of CIOs by 2020. This data is complemented by the fact that the term “artificial intelligence” was not in the top 100 search terms on gartner.com in January 2016. But by May 2017, the term ranked at number 7.

AIRI is available now through a select number of Pure Storage channel partners.