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Q3 Smartphone sales figures sees LG decline, Asus rise, and a contentious Chinese market


Juniper Research has released its Q3 figures on smartphone sales, and the results are mixed.

Vendors shipped some 340 million devices this past quarter, with Samsung continuing to increase year-on-year. The South Korean phone maker sold some 84 million units, accounting for 37 per cent y-o-y increase in profitability, a move that authors of the report described as the company “turning around” its mobile business.

The success also helped the company’s semiconductor business, the report said.

Apple, of course, broke records again with 48 million units sold, up from 39 million iPhones sold in Q3 2014. Over $12 billion of its revenue came from what Juniper called the Far East, despite China’s slowing economy.  Researchers said they expect the demand to last, however.

The Chinese market is proving contentious for domestic phone makers as well. Xiaomi continues to struggle in the international market, and sold 18.4 million devices, while Huawei moved 27.4 million units, up 63 shipments from Q3 2014, making it the most successful Chinese vendor.

Other companies that struggled include HTC and Microsoft, both of whom saw their revenues plummet by 49 and 54 per cent respectively, reflecting restructuring in both companies.  The latter saw a 38 per cent y-o-y decline in unit sales or 5.8 million units sold in Q3.

Sony’s smartphone line also continues to cling to life, with the company announcing a new factory in Thailand that will start production in 2016.

LG saw their first Q3 y-o-y decline, while BlackBerry also saw its sales dip below 1 million units for the first time in a decade.

With Asus entering the Canadian smartphone market this year, it’s noteworthy that its business in this space has grown to 6 million this quarter.