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RIM hires Goldman Sachs? Sell-off likely

Plus, India threatens to block Web giants. And, great Linux desktop features

January 13, 2012

RIM hires Goldman Sachs? Sell-off likely On ZDNet, reports on the rumour. “The smartphone maker regularly is at the center of sell-off rumours. The market cannot decide on who could, or should buy the company. Microsoft or Google makes the most sense for the email capability, but the companies have other worries to concern themselves with a failing smartphone maker,” he writes. What’s your opinion?

India threatens to block Google, Facebook and chums On The Register,  Kelly Fiveash looks at the case. “Web biz bosses were told to appear before the Delhi court on 13 March to face criminal charges for allegedly hosting objectionable material on their sites. India’s ministry of external affairs was asked to serve the summons on the companies,” Fiveash writes. What’s your opinion?

Six great desktop Linux features you may take for granted On The VAR Guy, explores the features. “The latest generation of Linux desktop environments — namely GNOME Shell and Unity – has not been without controversy. But regardless of whether you like the particular details of the new desktop environments, it’s clear they’ve wrought major changes for the desktop Linux experience,” he writes. What’s your opinion?